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Weekly Update 8/8/2021

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Good afternoon everyone! Most of you have gotten back to school, I hope this week wasn't too crazy ;) I know it's always a crazy time! This month's Challenge is Max Hex bar carry, I'll post a video on instagram and facebook showing what this looks like. The high school and middle school boys have already started working on this! Ask me if you have any questions. Good luck to all of you! Next Saturday we have Deadlift for Dollars @ 9am! Come lift so much weight or sponsor someone :) Let's make this BIG! I have purchased some composition books for those of you working on the Full Body Aesthetics, recording your numbers will make it much better for the next 8 weeks. We can see progress, you will also know what weight you used the week before, if you need to go up or down. It's just so helpful to record what you are doing! For the Strength and Conditioning crew, one more week of the EMOM style lifting, next week we start a traditional strength block! Youth training will be one hour sessions now, if you really want to stay for two classes talk to Meghan, it will depend on if you are in season or out of season. Please let me know if you have any questions! Let's have a great week! Meghan ValentineMeghan Valentine Performance (MVP) Training & Fitness ‪(470) 310-3240‬ MVP Website

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