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Weekly Update 9/6/21

I totally forgot to post here the last few weeks.

Good afternoon everyone, and HAPPY LABORDAY!

First, I want to thank everyone who came out to the Hike, Food, And/Or Tubing. It was so much fun! Everyone seemed to really have so much fun, even the few of us who are still sore from the hike That was a great idea AJ, thank you!

This week is a short week, but there will be a 5am class Wednesday and Friday. Saturday from 9-9:15 I will have the Yoke out for people to do this month's challenge, if you can't make it but want to give it a try this week just let me know. Class will follow this

The winners from last month are,

Youth- Preston Valentine 1204 feet

High School - Cal Rockenbach 2424 feet

Women - Ruth Woodson 700 feet

Masters - Dawn Cannova, and Dawn blew everyone out of the water with More than DOUBLE everyone else! 4900 feet!

Awesome Job everyone, if you've already won, we need to add the plates to the back of your shirts!

The Intermittent Fasting Challenge, Members are $65 and non members are $75. Contact Meghan for the code! This will be a great class, if you have friends who would like to join feel free to send them the flyer This starts on 9/26

Strength and Conditioning

Tuesday - Deadlift

Wednesday - Power Cleans + Power Jerks

Thursday - Back Squats

Friday - Power Snatch

Saturday - Yoke Walk then Team workout

Full Body

Tuesday - Bench Press

Wednesday - Deadlift

Thursday - Strict Press

Friday - Tabata

College School aged kids or adults who work at a desk and need a mid afternoon pick me up!

Check out the Bodyweight workouts, they are fast and you only need your body. It's a great way to get your brain back to working at its peak!

For the Sweat! Class, Thursday is a partner workout, bring a buddy and have them join you for this one, it's going to be fun!!

Have a great Labor Day and Please let me know if you have any questions!

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