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Weekly Update August 1st

I hope everyone is soaking up the last bits of summer before school starts!

Today Marks the first day for the Family Nutrition Challenge! You have until Friday August 6th to sign up!

I need everyone's times for the Plank challenge last month!!! And this months challenge starts tomorrow :)

For all the college students heading off to school, remember you can log into wodify and get the workouts there. The Full Body Aesthetics workouts are 5 day a week and easy to follow and do in the gym at the school, they also have videos on most of the movements! I would warm-up with 20 mins light cardio before. Find a workout buddy who will workout with you (this will help keep you accountable), working out will give you a lot of advantages at school too (keeping your happy, helping your brain work better (it's best to do homework right after, your brain will absorb so much more), it will get you out of your dorm or room, puts you in social settings with other students, helps fight the freshman many good things)

If you don't have the Wodify app on your phone yet, please let me know!

This Saturday at 4pm is the Flowery Branch Block Party, there is a cornhole tournament and so much more. I will have a table so if you want to stop by to say hi that would be awesome!

For the Full Body Class, you all start a new cycle this week. It is 5 day a week again and will last 8 weeks. I know most of you don't have access to a full gym or weights, but if you do or if you are an in person client, please try to follow the strength cycle, LET'S GET STRONG! For ALL of you, it would help if you had a composition book to write down your weights, then we can see progress and know when you should increase!

For the Strength and Conditioning Crew, you are still on a few weeks of recovery, enjoy the cool formant and feel the burn!

August 9th we will be bringing back the 4pm class!

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