Upcoming Events

  • Speed and Agility Camp For Buford Youth Athletes
    Oct 06, 12:30 PM – Oct 07, 3:30 PM
    Oakwood, 4337 McBrayer Rd, Oakwood, GA 30566, USA
  • Speed and Agility Camp Hall County Youth
    Oct 10, 11:30 AM – Oct 11, 2:30 PM
    Oakwood, 4337 McBrayer Rd #200, Oakwood, GA 30566, USA

Limited Space for the first 15 Kids
to sign-up and pay



Work on reaction time, leg strength, and acceleration. 


Learning how to have better footwork, balance, and body awareness.


Learning how to jump, build load, and work on single and double leg work.


Train your brain to react fast.  We use Blaze Pods for most of this work.

Meghan Valentine Performacne