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Meghan Valentine Performance trains clients of all ages and abilities, both online and in-person.

LET'S GET Lifting

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

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Meghan Valentine

Thank you for your interest in Meghan Valentine Performance! 


I am a lifelong athlete, mother and wife. For the past eight years I've coached in the functional fitness world. I've competed in dozens of events across multiple sports, set two world records in Olympic Weightlifting, and helped hundreds of clients achieve their personal fitness goals. 

Like many of us, I didn’t start my current fitness journey already fit. After a career of high school and collegiate athletics,
I started a family, raising four boys with my wonderful husband. Four pregnancies did a number on my body and I struggled with my weight and athleticism. Then one day in 2012, I walked into
a Crossfit gym and my life changed for the better. 


Hard work, a healthy diet plan, and supportive coaches helped
me reach my goals of losing weight and gaining strength. By September of 2013, I had lost over fifty pounds and qualified for
my first national competition, the American Open in Olympic Weightlifting!


As I continued on my own journey, I began coaching and training others. I have helped hundreds of clients, both in group classes and one-on-one, achieve their fitness goals. Whether you've never worked out a day in your life (that's okay!) or you're a competitive athlete, I can help you.

Please feel free to fill out the contact form. I would love to sit down and talk with you!


  • Gold, USAW Masters Nationals (2019)

  • Gold, USAW Masters American Open (2019)

  • Competed in dozens of Olympic Weightlifting,
    Powerlifting and Crossfit Competitions 

  • Regional Qualifier, Crossfit Southwest Regionals (2014)

  • Ran the Olympic Torch (1996)

  • 4x State Qualifier in Cross Country

  • One of the first female pole vaulters (in the world!)

  • USAW Strength and Conditioning Certified

  • International Sports Sciences Association
    Personal Training Certified 

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

  • Mother to four rambunctious boys, all athletes



We are moving to a location that will be Club access only.  Please contact Meghan for more information.  Thank you!


During quarantine I started offering online group classes, which have been a tremendous success! Whether you're in California or Germany, you can join the online class, where I'll make it feel like you're a part of the group. During the online class, we modify, change and adapt to your equipment and needs. 


Program 1: Functional BodyBuilding

A low impact full body class. We address postural fixes, while
getting a high calorie burn in. Bonus: no burpees!

Program 2: Strength and Conditioning

Classic lifts, such as squats, cleans, presses, plus cardio exercises, such
as running, kettlebells, jumping rope and more. There will be burpees here ;) 


Program 3: High Intensity BodyBuilding

40-minute cardio- and core-intensive workouts that don't require prior
Olympic weightlifting experience, but do require willingness to work hard!
With a focus on dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, cardio, and bodyweight movements,
HIBB is a great way to mix it up.

 Weightlifting and Powerlifting

We offer both Olympic Weightlifting (3 days a week) and Powerlifting (5-6 days a week) programming

each week!  These can be done in person at the gym or remotely

Custom Programming & Personal Training

Every person is different. Tell me what you're looking for, and together
we will come up with a program to meet your personal fitness goals. 

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"The training Meghan offers is
top-notch, and I am surprised and delighted with the camaraderie in the online community she's created, too.
I look forward as much to the workout each day as to seeing everyone in
the online class ."

Gia, California

"A little over a year ago, to say I was mess is an understatement; over-weight, blood pressure in the heart attack range, resting heart rate that was scary high (I didn’t even know that was a thing), 3 or more migraines a weeks—yeap, you read that right. Then, I met Meghan.  She is an encourager, coach, friend, butt-kicker, advice-giver – sometimes all of those things at the same time, or just the one that I need at the moment.  I have found that she knows what I need, when I need it. The first SEVERAL weeks it was just an encourager. LOTS of calls, texts, and conversations to FINALLY get me into the gym and keep me there. Once she was sure that I was there to stay, her role changed to coach/butt-kicker, and honestly, I needed it. I asked for eating plans, she offered them, and made sure that I was sticking to them. I asked for fitness goals, we made them, and she made sure that I achieved them. I asked for weight-loss goals, she made sure that I was doing what I needed to be doing to get to that end.  Not many “coaches” will do that for you, but Meghan will. She is invested in her clients. I am glad to say that a little over a year later, I am a little less of mess; down 100lbs, blood pressure down to below normal, a resting heart rate around 70 (still working on that one), and I can’t remember the last time that I have had a headache, much less a migraine. Meghan saw the potential that was there, even though I couldn’t.  Honestly, I believe that she sees the potential in EVERY person—I can see that now.  I tell people on the daily, if you think that you can’t do it, you can! Just look at where I was a year ago!"

Vicky, Georgia

"I've been going to Ms Meghan for
a few months. I've lost weight and gained muscle and I'm 11 years old.  It's fun and Ms Meghan is kind."

Joel, Georgia

"I started CrossFit 7 years ago, at the age of 45. For
a few years I tried to keep up with their programming and what I thought I should be doing. I had had several coaches with good intentions who gave
me poor guidance- leading to injuries. When I started working out with Meghan, I could tell she listened
to me and to my body. She was good about not letting me push too far or too hard, yet giving me
a good workout tailored for my specific medical issues and fitness needs. She always remembers what my limitations are and has a modified plan
for me so that I can still get the workout that I need.
I have started on-line zoom classes with her and
love working out in the safety and comfort of my
own home. I love her personalized attention and knowing that she will touch base with me, making me accountable. She is an awesome coach with years of experience in competitive CrossFit, functional fitness, competitive weight lifting, competitive running and many other sports. She
has recently ventured into scuba diving and now knows how to train me for longevity in my sport.
She tailors my workouts so that I can lift scuba tanks, get onto a boat in rough seas and climb up out of
the springs. Tell her what you need and she can make it happen."

Tammera, Georgia

"It feels like a family
and you're having
fun while working out."

Jonathan, Georgia

"I have two sons who workout with Meghan.  One plays a lot of team sports-Meghan keeps him conditioned and strong-he's performing better than ever!  One has never thought of himself as athletic-he loves the workouts and reaching fitness goals-his self-confidence has been boosted-he's thriving physically and mentally.  Meghan's gym is a perfect fit for
both of them!"

Ruth, Georgia

"I've been working with Meghan for many years and have greatly improved my strength in all areas.  She creates custom workouts and can easily adapt to accommodate my particular needs"

Stephanie, Colorado

"I love the motivation
accountability and passion
that Meghan puts into all of her clients! She inspires me to work hard and be the best version
of myself."

Jennifer, Georgia

"I've had the pleasure of working with a number of fitness professionals through the years, and I can truly say that Meghan is of a higher caliber.  She is patient and empathic and truly wants to see you achieve your fitness goals-whatever they may be!  I started joining Meghan's online Zoom classes from Germany after traditional gyms shut down due to COVID, and I may never go back.  She has built an amazing online community that keeps me coming day after day!"

Kristin, Germany & Arizona

In praise of the virtual workout class:


This class is and continues to be an important physical, mental, self-confidence and immunity-building boost for me during our current pandemic


Little did I realize that, at 71 years of age, I would enjoy working out so much and also manage to
get in the best shape I've been in for a long time (maybe ever), enjoy spending time with my two daughters--both of opposite coasts (Yes, Meghan
is the coach & her twin sister Gia is the other!),
and be thrilled that people are actually noticing
my new muscles!!  I give this class my
highest recommendation!

Connie, Colorado

A little over a year ago I was shopping for gyms,
I had this crazy goal in mind and was determined to see it through. After stopping by at a few and getting laughed at when I explained my idea,
I was discouraged and ready to throw in the towel. Then in walks Meghan. I met her told her my plan and there was no judgment at all, the first thing she asked was if I brought my tennis shoes and if I could start that day. Meghan is
not just a coach, she is a friend, a mentor, and
she gives great advice. She answered my
never-ending questions and was truly invested
n making sure I met my goals. You are not just joining a gym and getting a coach, you are joining a family. Tell her your goal and she will motivate you and cheer you on until you make it!

Mak, Hawaii & Georgia 

Meghan Valentine


Tel: 470.310.3240

Tel: 303.519.5740

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